Bikers Give!...
and so does My Celtic Treasures!

Bikers Give
My Celtic Treasures helps Bikers Look Marvelous while at the same time contributes a significant amount of the sales revenue that comes in via "Bikers Give", to help support the charities in which Bikers, Biker Groups, Biker Clubs and Biker Organizations support.

The "Bikers Give" program is very EASY and straight forward... and FREE to all Bikers!

Simply register Yourself, Your Biker Group, Club or Organization and you are setup with your own "private" Bikers Give web page. Your new page tells about your organization and your support efforts.

When people visit your "Bikers Give" page and order items from us, the sales are automatically tracked specifically to your organization. In turn, the proceeds, are sent directly to you, to help support the charitable cause(s) you are helping.

Once you are set up, it's good to go forever. All you do is let people know about it. We'll help you do this by supplying you with attractive brochures and handouts to help get the word out. You may also share the news about your Bikers Give program in your newsletter and mailings. It is really easy!

Bikers Give! and so does My Celtic Treasures!

Please scroll down and "Click On" the Biker, Biker Group, Biker Club or Biker Organization you wish us to send our contribution to in an effort to support their charitible cause! Thanks a million!

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