Macdonald Clan

Macdonald Clan
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MacDonald Clan

Clan Donald was one of the largest Scottish clans, unique in that it had several branches in multiple territories. Most other clans had only a single territory, with few having a second branch. The MacDonald’s had at least nine separate branches: MacDonald and the Lord of the Isles; Macdonald of Sleat and now the House of the High Chief; Macdonald of Clan Ranald; MacDonnell of Glengarry; Clan MacDonald of Keppoch; Macdonald of Glencoe; Macdonald of Lochalsh; Macdonald of Ardnamurchan; Macdonald of Dunivaig and McDonnell of Antrim.

This is a short extract from the full Clan history which accompanies each of our flags. Presented on fine art paper, your Clan history can be displayed with pride.

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