Trinity Fundraiser

Trinity Fundraiser
Trinity Fundraiser is a unique, FUN and PROFITABLE fund raising program designed to raise needed money for individuals, groups and organizations alike.

It consists of highly desirable quality jewelry and gifts AND a Trinity Fundraiser marketing plan to insure a successful fund raising campaign.

It's so EASY! NO selling! NO collecting money! NO passing out orders!

All you do is pass out brochures and/or flyers which send people to your "OWN" fund raiser web page... our system does the rest!

Anyone can conduct a Trinity Fundraiser campaign to raise money….

Individuals such as Irish Dancers raising money to help with expensive costumes, competition travel and tuition.

Small groups such as a school "youth group" going to Scotland next year.

Charities such as the "Harp & Shamrock Club" raising money for the purchase of hearing aides for kids at Children's Mercy Hospital.

Catholic schools raising money for field trips, special events, missions and projects.

Organizations such as AOH, LAOH, Emerald Society raising money for scholarships and charities.

Fund Raising Events such as music concerts, Irish Dance Feis’, auctions, church carnivals and festivals.

Trinity Fundraiser is Easy to do and doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. There is No direct selling, No collecting money and No delivering orders. Your group simply distributes fund raising cards, flyers, brochures, etc. The catalog and web site do all the selling, we then fulfill the orders and send you money. It's Easy!

There is NO Cost to sign up and conduct a Trinity Fundraiser campaign AND no minimum sales or purchase requirements. This enables a small group or club to raise money just like a big school or church, without any risk and without any investment. Your group (or individuals within your group) receive a significant percentage (30%) of the gross sales resulting from your campaign. That is $30 directly to you for every $100 of sales we generate.

Easy to Start: call and sign up your organization. We will get you all set up and then off and fund raising!

Your Trinity Fundraiser campaign is designed to generate great profits over and over and over ALL YEAR LONG!

Please call or email with questions and/or comments …. 913-558-2275 or

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